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Moldis Car, a family business that started with a single truck and only one employee, but which today has developed into a company with a wide range of services in the field of oversized transport.

We are a freight company with a domestic and international coverage, transiting the European Union countries.

Our development meant the growth of the Moldis Car family, which includes both experts in the field of special transports, as well as the endowment of our park with a diversified fleet that’s specially equipped with equipment that’s specific to this field.

The entire fleet complies with European environmental protection rules and all EU freight legislation.

Our years of activity in the field of oversized transport have helped us develop services that satisfy and meet the most complex needs of our customers, in terms of large cargo transport. Each transport performed is unique and has a distinct complexity due to its size, weight, but also to the specifics of the transport itself.

The right people are needed to coordinate, provide the necessary documentation and carry out the transport in a safe manner

Our services are not limited to oversized transport itself. Moldis Car provides its clients with the supply of transport escorts for oversized transport, as well as special transport permits for every country in both Eastern and Western Europe.

Among the countries served for oversized transport we can list: Hungary, Austria, France, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and the Republic of Moldova.

Our passion for the complexity of oversized transportation has increased our efficiency, the quality of the services provided, as well as the appreciation for our employees. Ensuring the protection and the safety of each team member, as well as ensuring the goods transported, is our top priority.

Moldis Car has insurance for the transported goods for the entire transport period, including CMR insurance amounting to 1,200,000 euros, which in certain situations, or at the customer’s request can be extended to the desired value.

The clients in our portfolio are both manufacturers of industrial equipment, as well as manufacturers/distributors of construction equipment, and last but not least, shipping companies in the oversized transport field.

Moldis Car’s objective is to continue to grow and to provide the security of meeting the needs of both customers as well as its employees!

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