1. Legal and legislative compliance
    We respect all the laws of the applicable legal systems in the field of road, ecological and labour protection.
  2. Anti-corruption
    MOLDIS CAR, nor our employees, do not engage directly or indirectly in any form of corruption and/or bribery and do not offer or promise anything of value to a public or government official or a private sector counterparty in order to influence official action or to obtain an inappropriate advantage. We don’t tolerate corruption and unfair competition.
  3. Conflicts of interest
    We respect and we try to offer services and prices that are fair and competitive and we avoid any conflict of interests which could influence the collaboration with our clients or partners.
  4. Respect for the fundamental rights of employees
    We respect the dignity and the intimacy of each employee, we refuse and do not tolerate any behaviour, gestures or language that might affect employees. We don’t accept messages or discriminatory behaviour: sexist, racial, political, religious, ethnic, etc ..
    All of our employees are respected and treated equally and are rewarded with salary and bonuses for the hours they’ve worked, in compliance with the applicable law.
  5. Employee health and safety
    For quality services we have and offer our employees a reasonable system of health management based on regular medical check-ups, training and education. We take responsibility and accountability for the health and safety of our employees. We take the best precautions in a reasonable matter against work accidents.
  6. Prohibition of child labor
    Even though work ennobles man and we want to hire employees, we do NOT hire workers under the age of 16.
  7. Environmental protection
    We love nature and therefore we act in accordance with national and international laws on environmental protection and we try to minimize pollution for every action we take.
  8. Unfair competition, antitrust laws and copyright
    We do not participate in agreements regarding the setting of transport prices, customer allocation or any action that might be considered unfair competition. We respect both the collaborators and the competition in our field and we want to be unique through our image and our message.
  9. Partnerships
    We always try to find partners and collaborators who respect the basic principles: respect, devotion, fairness and professionalism.
  10. Modernization
    We reinvent ourselves, we develop and we want to grow, to evolve by putting an emphasis on technology and innovation.