We carry out oversized transports (exceptional transports or very large and heavy transports), in Romania, the European Union and Eastern Europe by using trucks and different types of trailers specific to this field of transport.

We own a fleet that is specialised in the field of oversized transports as well as human resources that are specialised in the field of exceptional transport and which are accredited to perform and plan them. 

We currently own a fleet of 13 powerful tractors (4×2, 6×2, 6×4) and over 15 modern trailers, used exclusively for special transports (of different sizes and heavyweights), which have several axles and are extensible.

All oversized transports are performed in special conditions, and all of them involve careful coordination, specialized logistics, authorizations and approvals, which our company, together with our collaborators, can offer.  

The entire fleet owned by Moldis Car complies with the European environmental standards.

We develop continually through the challenges that oversized transport offers and we continuously adapt our services to the needs of our customers. Our transports come from different industries and have goods of varying complexity, with different shapes, sizes and weights.

So far we have transported products from various fields, of which we would like to mention a few:

  • heavy parts and industrial equipment;
  • marine engines, electric generators, wind turbines, hydraulic presses;
  • reserves, silos, metal constructions, turbines, industrial furnaces;
  • Construction equipment: crushers, wheeled and crawler excavators, sorting stations, drills, cranes, industrial milling machines, dragline excavators, compactor machines, vibratory compactors, asphalt stations
  • agricultural equipment: combine harvesters, tractors, seed drill machines, harvesting machines, plows, irrigation equipments, agricultural sprayers;
  • military machinery and military equipment.

Oversized and havy transport challenges, are our passion! 

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